Thursday, January 09, 2003

Thurs Thumb Twiddler
1. Someone you deeply love is horribly murdered. The person you know did it gets off. Do you take justice/revenge into your own hands? I'd be very tempted to but I don't think I would be able to.
2. If you learned you were going to die in two days, would you have any regrets? If you suddenly got a five year respite, could you avoid those same regrets? In two days...I'd have a few regrets. I think if I had more time I'd be able to avoid at least some of them.
3. What's the greatest fashion faux pas -- wearing clothes too big, clothes too small, clothes ten years out of date, or clothes for someone ten years older than you? Too small. It makes me sick to see people squeezed into clothes too small for them. They look like sausages or something. For an example see Anna Nicole Smith.

Thursday Threesome
Onesome: Commercial- Are there any TV commercials that really grab you? I mean, to the point you want to show them to other people? There are a few. Although it seems that lately there have been less of them.
Twosome: Holiday- Valentine's Day is coming up, do you celebrate the holiday or do you prefer to just let it pass you by? I celebrate it but usually it's nothing major. Just little gifts or something. I hate playing into the whole "hallmark"iness of the holiday though.
Threesome: Madness- Even if you don't celebrate it, do you sucumb to the madness and buy up boxes of chocolates, just for you? Not usually. I prefer the candy message hearts.

3 for Thursday (#16):
1. If you could only watch 3 things on TV what would they be (like, just all sports, Doctor Phil and Oprah, Lifetime for Women movies, or similarly, reruns of "chick flick" movies like "Chocolat" or "Titanic"). I would have to go with cheesy movies from the 80s (all those teen flicks like the Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles), action movies (like Die Hard), and cartooons!
2. While you're watching these shows, what are your 3 favorite snack foods (for instance, buffalo fingers, pizza, or burgers and fries...or just anything alcoholic because your significant other is forcing you to watch chick flick reruns)? I don't tend to snack much while watching tv but when I do I like BBQ potato chips, nachos or fruit (like pomegrantes and oranges).
3. If you could make a movie, what 3 actors/actresses would you have star in the movie? Tim Roth, Sean Connery, and Ashley Judd. (It's so hard to pick just three!)
4.Do you do anything while watching TV or just sit in front of the tube like a slug? Sometimes I'll pay bills or do something else but I sometimes just sit there too.
BONUS: Who controls the remote at your house? Have you every fought over the remote with your significant other? Tell the story. The significant other does....definitely. It's such a man thing. We haven't really fought over it because it doesn't really bother me.

Daily Dose-
1) Do you own a cell phone? If not, do you plan to get one? If yes, what kind do you own? Yes I do. The phone is a Motorola I think. I got it cos it was cheap with the plan and the money I actually paid for the phone went to a charity which is pretty cool.
2) What features do you look for in a cell phone? Reception. And I guess battery length.
3) Would you ever consider buying a watch phone? Doubtful. But you never know.

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