Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Tueday's questions
This or That: Same Thing, Different Names
1. Kleenex or tissue? Tissue
2. Soda or pop (or tonic or whatever)? Soda
3. A sandwich on a long roll: sub or hero (or hoagie or grinder, etc)? Sub
4. Glasses or spectacles? Glasses
5. TV or television (or boob-tube, or telly, for our friends across the pond)? TV or Telly
6. Movie or film? Movie
7. Sofa or couch? Couch
8. Stove or range? Stove
9. Remote control or clicker? Remote
10. Supermarket or grocery store? Market.

Tuesday Too
1.) Are you comfortable spending time alone? Do you actually look forward to that time? Why, or why not? I'm very comfortable being alone. I guess part of it has to do with being an only child. I'm used to entertaining myself. And yes, I do look forward to it. Especially when my schedule gets crazy and I don't have much time for it.
2.)What's the next best thing to your best thing? Humor.
3.) What do wish you you'd done last week/last month that you didn't do? If you're someone who accomplishes everything you set out to do, please let us in on the secret. I can't think of anything. I didn't have much on my list of things to get done really.

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