Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Vodafone's run of ill luck with advertising has continued after being rebuked when a child "nearly choked" on a throat sweet contained in a mailshot sent out by the firm. The Advertising Standards Authority agreed with a complaint from the child's parents that the operator had been "irresponsible" to include the lozenge when it could have fallen into children's hands. In turn, Vodafone apologised for the stress it had caused. The company landed in trouble in November last year after one of its ads was deemed to encourage users to write text messages while driving. In October, it was ticked off by the ASA for ads the watchdog called "explicit and gratuitous"."

Schools consider selling ad space on school grounds. With the way the economy is, schools are hit hard. Unfortunately they need to come up with alternative ways to get money into the school to finance programs. "In our current economic environment, schools need to be creative," said Acushnet School Superintendent Harold G. Devine. "If finances get any worse, that's certainly something that could be put on the table here." It's actually quite sad that it has to come to this kind of idea.

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