Thursday, January 16, 2003

Will the Internet become a significant advertising medium?- Two take a look at what the possibilites of advertising online could be.

Advertising you don't see until it's too late- "The advertising industry is warming to the challenge of selling products to a new generation of savvy consumers who are less drawn to conventional advertising. The more invisible the strategy, the better. The idea is to trick consumers into believing they are discovering a promotion, rather than responding to an ad. Advertising and marketing agencies are producing TV shows, making films, publishing books, writing pop songs and organising events. Mitsubishi, Sanity Music, Lion Nathan and Unilever are part of the push into TV production."

US State department ends Muslim ad campaign"- Apparently the ads were uneffective! Gee...that's a surprise. ;-) Honestly, the fact that the goverment thought that showing these ads would change perceptions or change how people think is just ludicrous.

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