Monday, February 03, 2003

Ad News and Links and stuff
Bad grammar hits advertising, yes even in Manila.

Ads that keep going- A look at long lasting campaigns.

Miller Brewing's new boss faces daunting task

Brand-Name Executives-"Tying a company's branding strategy to its founder's image can be a big plus when the chief executive is saying and doing all the right things, and a big minus if the chief executive gets into trouble, steps down or dies."

Fur Factor- " The ads, however, might indicate a subtle cultural reaction to the many years of depicting men as smooth, downy-chested boys lacking any discernible levels of testosterone (think the youth-oriented Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch ads of hairless slackers and frat boys)."

Direct Marketing Association sues US government over spam- "By suing to block the introduction of a national opt-out plan the DMA is admitting it believes a majority of citizens would, if given the option, promptly choose to cease receiving phone calls from direct marketing groups. This tends to imply the DMA's entire business model is built on the ability to target unwilling listeners, bother those who don't wish to be bothered, and, through the sheer volume of numbers dialed, reach some modicum of success. This type of marketing is not illegal, but the sheer volume of consumer support for a national opt-out list indicates citizens are interested in closing down the number of such calls they receive." This is just inane...I mean, come on.

Advertising Rules- Super groovy wantie!

The Journalists Toolbox- page full of interesting links.

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