Thursday, February 27, 2003

I can't believe it's Thursday!!
Where did this week go? It seemed to have flown by. Although I guess that's not really a bad thing :o)

Thursday Thumb-Twiddler
1. Someone at your office thinks the calendar you've put up is rude and tasteless, though HR hasn't --yet--agreed. Do you take it down? Does it matter what the subject matter is (art, humor, etc.)? Does it matter what you think of the other person? If it is in my own space (office/cubicle), then I'd leave it up. If it was in an area more people could see it I'd consider taking it down. And it might matter what I thought of the other person. If I didn't like them I'd probably care less what they thought.
2. A person at the office offers to loan you some software CDs for you to install at home. You know this is illegal, and ther is a possibility you could be caught doing it. Do you do it anyway? I guess it would depend. If it was some software that I'd be using for working from home I'd maybe do it.
3. Do you contribute to a charity? If so, how do you decide how much? I don't at the moment, but that's also because I have no money. If I had money I'd contribute some.

Thursday Threesome
Onesome. Big. Anything "big" happen to you lately? Come now, what's the biggest thing in your life these days? The fact that my car didn't pass inspection and I have to get a part replaced, on top of a few other things that need fixing. Anyone want to donate money to my "fix the car" fund? ;o)
Twosome. Band. I didn't do the band, but I did choir when I was in school. Tell us: what kind of extracurricular activities did YOU do when you were in school? I played volleyball, did theatre, the musical, one year I played on the tennis team, was involved in the foreign language club, and I'm sure one or two more things that I can't think of at the moment.
Threesome: Music. Our topic of the week is music, so why don't YOU share a little about your personal tastes in music. Favorite band? Favorite song? Have a song you love to sing along with but hate to admit it? Now's the time to fess up! I like a little bit of everything for the most part. I love Mozart, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Live, Sting, BT, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Jane's Addiction, to name a few. Usually I like songs more than groups or singers over all. But there are some that always turn out what I like. I listen to most genres- the only ones I don't tend to like are hard core rap and hard core heavy metal and country (although I do like Bonnie Raitt and Chris Issack).

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