Monday, February 24, 2003

Monday Questions and Answers
PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.08
1. Has anyone ever told you that you needed to lose weight or change something about yourself physically? Who told you and what impact did it have on your life? Your perception of yourself? Yes it's been mentioned. It wasn't as if I didn't know it either. Family members made comments, being concerned, which I understand. I had been on medications that had caused weight gain and a slow down of my metabolism. I'm still working at getting back to where I was before, but it's hard. I don't think their comments changed my perception of myself though, since I have a handle on that, well somewhat ;)
2. Do enjoy the snow and cold weather? I don't mind the snow but I could live without the cold weather. Although when there's a ton of snow I could live without that too. We've had so much snow here this's crazy.
3. Visualize the perfect winter evening. Are you alone or with someone? How does the evening start? How does it end, and everything in-between. Perfect winter evening...hmmm...well as long as I'm warm I think it would be good ;-)
4. I've noticed that people I work with, even no more than 6 feet away, would rather e-mail me a message than turn around and speak to me. Same goes for voice mail, I find I get more calls when I am away than when I am available to speak to someone. So many things that could be said face-to-face are now accomplished electronically. Do you think that technology has had allowed relationships and human interaction to become less personal? Is this a good thing? Yes I do. In some ways I think it could be a good thing but for the most part I don't think so. Who knows, in the future we may all lose our interpersonal skills.
5. One thing I've always wanted to learn is how to juggle. I'm pretty good with my hands, so I am sure I could do it. Yet, I've never made the commitment to sit down and learn how. Is there anything you've been meaning to learn, that you can learn, but haven't? (or maybe you have?) There's a few computer/web things I'd like to learn but just haven't yet. I'd also like to learn to knit, speak some other languages, and some other stuff.
6. On the other side of the coin, there is photography. As much as I'd like to, I will never be as great at it as others. And I am OK with that, still I wish I had the gifts that others have. What skills or talents have you wished that you possessed that you most likely never will? Are you content with that? Um, I wish I was a better artisit, in the illustration sense, but it's something I can live with.
7. "AudioBlogs" are a twist on text blogs, where the blogger posts audio files instead of writing their entries. Not far behind the curve are VideoBlogs. While I've tinkered with Audio posts before, I think it excludes too many people and personally, I feel the written word has a deeper impact. What do you think of the concept of "AudioBlogs?" Would you like to hear the voice of your favorite bloggers occasionally? Would you rather listen to or read your favorite Blogs? I think it's an interesting concept but it probably would be better as an intergration with text as well.
BONUS: How deep is your love? 6feet.

Monday Memories- Brush with fame
Have you had your "fifteen minutes" of fame? Have you come close? Did you meet someone famous? I had my picture on the front page of the town paper where I went to high school for a play we were working on. But I think that's as close as I've gotten myself. I have met a couple famous people- David Hasselhoff (back when he was on Knight Rider), parents of the singers of a once-popular late 80s boy band, the director of Austen Powers (and other films), and a few others. I've seen more famous people than met them though.

Participation Positives
~ Got an appointment with no troubles this morning.
~ It's not snowing.
~ May have a gig for the end of this week.
~ Friday I had no trouble commuting to work, thankfully!
~ I was able to sleep in a bit today
~ Website redesign is nearing completion
~ I don't have to go work at that job this week
~ I watched Futurama last night :)
~ I get to see my kitty and mum this week
~ It's not snowing ;)

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