Sunday, March 30, 2003

A gloomy Sunday
Unconscious Mutterings
1. Smell :: Lavender
2. Caramel :: Sauce
3. Parallel :: Universe
4. Miami :: Vice
5. Sleep :: Dream
6. Double :: Trouble
7. Kiss :: Soft
8. History :: Lessons
9. Vodka :: Martini
10. Click :: Mouse

Sunday Roast
Last weeks answer: **a logical sentence remains**- Doh.

The Question
When the Land of Toupee took a census they were stunned to notice that there population had increased to 100,002.
Since nobody on the island has more than 100,001 hairs on their heads, what is the probability that at least two of
these heads have exactly the same number of hairs ?

The Challenge
We all go to the hairdressers at least once or twice in our lifetimes (some people go every six weeks). Tell us about your trip to the hairdressers.
Instead of answering the given questions, I'm just going to say, I think it's insane what hairdresseres or stylists charge do just *cut* or *trim* hair. I can't understand how it can be so much more for a woman's cut than man's cut. It's crazy. It's just another way for women to have to pay more for things. And we make, generally, less then men. It's a screwed up world.

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