Thursday, March 27, 2003

Things around the net
Speaker Marilyn Kern-Foxworth addresses women in advertising- Another look at women and they way in which they are portrayed in ads.

Advertising has remained surprisingly consistant- The NY Times looks at the state of advertising on TV and sees that little is being done different in light of the war.

Court Throws Out Suit Against Cow Ad - PETA had brought this case against California Milk Advisory Board- claiming their "Happy Cow" ads were full of bull. The part I find interesting about this case is that it was thrown out because the judge, David Garcia, ruled that the government is exempt from the false-advertisement laws that apply to private individuals. Now why is that? Seems to me that they should be held just as accountable for false claims as anyone else.

The Media War- The Guardian has a variety of articles on media related reports and news and even some thought provoking opinion pieces.

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