Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Tuesday is here
This or That Tuesday
1. Soup or salad? Salad. Although soup in the winter when it's cold.
2. Hot or cold sandwiches? Hot in the winter, cold in the summer.
3. White or whole wheat bread (or rye, etc)? Whole wheat.
4. Pack a lunch for work/school, or buy it? Try to pack a lunch, but I'll treat myself to a bought lunch now and again.
5. If you eat out...fast-food chain, or mom & pop type place? Depends on what I feel like eating.
6. Tuna or chicken salad? Chicken salad...I don't like seafood/fish
7. Cheese: Swiss or cheddar (or American, etc)? Cheddar. Or Provalone
8. Mustard or mayo? Little of both. Although I'd do mustard over mayo
9. Sandwiches: wrap/pita pocket, or regular bread/roll? I like wraps but I usually end up with a regular sub for the most part.
10. Sweet stuff: cookie/cake or fresh fruit? Cookie. Although when watching my weight I'll do fruit.

Tuesday Too
1.) Do you know about GeoURL? Check it out to find your neighbor's blog, or the web page of a restaurant near you. Find your house with a satellite photo map, and put your self in the database if you're so inclined. I didn't know about it. But, I'm not all that crazed about getting my blog into as many data listings as possible because, well, I don't care that much to take the time to do that.
2.) How many times have you redesigned, or chosen a new template for your blog/journal, and are you content with your current look? So far I think twice, although I'm still not super happy with the design as it is. It's a little too plain or needs something. But I've got a couple other things ahead on the list of things to do right now so it will have to wait.
3.) From The New York Times February 11, 2003: "...The federal appeals court in St. Louis ruled yesterday that officials in Arkansas can force a prisoner on death row to take antipsychotic medication to make him sane enough to execute. Without the drugs, the prisoner, Charles Laverne Singleton, could not be put to death under a United States Supreme Court decision that prohibits the execution of the insane." The prisoner referred to was convicted of murder, and sentenced to death in 1979. You've probably already heard about this, but what do you think/feel about it? It seems extremely creepy that they can "make" someone sane. There's something wrong with that. Unless he was insane when he committed the crime and they medicated him to make him sane, although then all they would need to do, I would think, is take him off the medication. Anyways, it's creepy and weird and very scary no matter how you look at it.

Daily Dose- The 10 On Tuesday
This week's topic: Top 10 Best Things About Spring
1. Warmer weather without the humidity that summer brings
2. Greenery
3. Flowers
4. The smell of fresh cut grass
5. Being able to open the windows in the house without freezing to death
6. No snow
7. Farmers markets opening up again
8. Taking walks
9. Staying lighter longer
10. Being outside and in the sun

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