Monday, April 28, 2003

PromoGuy's Monday Mission
1. Postmodernism (a popular philosophy of the current day) indicates that there are as many "truths" as there are people; nothing is absolute (however, by its very nature, even the word 'Postmodernism" resists definition). For yourself, what truths are absolute? Are there any absolute truths in the Universe? Goodness what a deep question. I think I have some myself- or those that I'd like to believe. Universe-wise, I think more of them have to do with physics and science type things- although those can always change as we go.
2. Do you believe that you are still "teachable?" Yes.
3. To do something well, in most situations, requires study and practice. What's the most recent thing that you have done well as a result of study and practice. Um..My job I guess.
4. If you had the time/money, what do you want to lean how to do more than anything? Be a real chef or paint or write or act or too many things!!
5. Those around us may often try to intervene, but ultimately each individual is responsible for the choices they make in life. Tell me about a recent situation where you had a decision to make, and those around you tried to influence or direct you. Were they successful? Was that "help" welcomed? They just confirmed what I knew. But the help and suggestions were welcome.
6. Things are much easier to accept when they are given by invitation rather than being forced upon us. When was the last time you rejected something because it was forced on you? How did it happen? Did you hold a grudge about it? Was it ever resolved? I don't usually have something forced on me, and can't think of the last time it was done.
7. Are you the sort of person who questions everything, or are you able to accept things without someone providing you tangible proof? Somewhere in the middle. There are some things I will just accept without tangible proof- but there are other things that if you cannot prove it to me, I don't believe it.
BONUS: Ooo baby, do you know what that's worth? About a buck fifty. ;-)

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