Friday, April 18, 2003

Take a wander around the net
Peeps Research is a web site showing various research/studies done on Peeps. Pretty funny. My favorite has to be the smoking and alcohol study. And to add to the Easter candy web sites, here's an ode to Cadbury Creme Eggs! Yum!(all via popculturejunkmail) Peep Plays- Romeo and Juliet, the Blair Witch Project and other plays acted out by Peeps!

Lite Bright! Now you can play it on the web! Although there aren't any templates like in the original, it's still neat. This was one of my favorite toys as a kid. (flash) Another fun one on the same site is hangman.

Got a friend you'd love to have a beer with but the distance is too great? Send them a vitual beer!

How well do you know what the opposite sex really means? Find out by playing Hidden Meanings of the Opposite Sex (flash). Also a good sized list of flash games here.

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