Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Today's Addy News
Is color important to brand identy?- Adweek looks at the relationship between logos and branding and the colors that are selected. "Most brand consultants agree that color can be a powerful tool—"the dress of the brand," as Cheryl Swanson, principal of brand consultancy Toniq, puts it. "It communicates viscerally and can get to the essence of a brand story," she says, noting that people tend to remember colors and shapes first, then numbers and words. "You can achieve a lot with the clever use of color, stirring strong emotions." Pretty interesting stuff, IMO.

Poster giant says SARS will impact advertising- "Although the Sars disease did not significantly affect transport in the first quarter, we expect a negative impact in the second quarter particularly in the Asia Pacific region, which will slow the recovery in the division."

The Hidden Power of Advertising is a new book that discusses the brain's power to absorb branding messages, advertising and all the other things that are taken in to account when making a purchase. "For over 70 years, the universal assumption has been that advertising is only effective if it consciously persuades consumers to choose a particular brand. In such circumstances attention is critical, which is why most of the advertising industry’s creative resource is focused on achieving the highest possible levels of interest and awareness. However, recent neuro-scientific research has shown that the brain’s capacity to absorb certain types of brand information is far greater than ever imagined. Building on these findings, Heath has been able to explain how advertising creates meaningful brand associations, even when we pay virtually no attention to it. These associations exert a powerful influence on our intuitive feelings, and can unknowingly drive us to choose and buy particular brands." Sounds like it would be an interesting read.

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