Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Addy news
False advertising of tampons? No it's not about the funny blue liquid. " Procter & Gamble Co. advertised falsely to gain share in the tampon market, lawyers for Playtex Products Inc. said Monday at the start of a civil trial accusing P&G of unfair competition. But P&G lawyers contend that Playtex merely wants a jury's help after consumers decided P&G's tampon was superior."

Yo Quiero Dinero!- "Two men who sued Taco Bell Corp. more than five years ago, accusing the restaurant chain of stealing their idea for an advertising campaign featuring a talking Chihuahua, are finally getting their day in court."

US Campaign to Buckleup- "Motorists caught without a seatbelt can expect a ticket from police nationwide next week because of stepped-up efforts to promote safety belt use, federal officials said Monday."

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