Thursday, May 29, 2003

Some stuff to post
Danish Fanta Web site - Add subtitles to a collection of film clips and to create your own personalized commercial.

Weasel Words- The Manila Times educates the Philippines on weasel words, complete with a healthy dose of advertising terms and an interesting origin of the phrase. an independent, bi-weekly, online magazine celebrating "all that is great and good in creativity" officially debuts today with its premiere issue dedicated to an exploration of the meaning of design. " occupies a unique place in the world of magazine publishing,"
said editor-in-chief, Helen Walters. It will celebrate all that is great and good in creativity through an elegant mix of text, dialogue, visuals and multimedia, with a genuine desire to promote, discuss, stimulate and inspire." (via dabitch)

"To help expand into the business arena, Adobe launched its first-ever television-advertising campaign, a simple spot aired on stations like CNN that extols not the virtues of the Acrobats, but of PDFs themselves." View the ad here.

Tongue and groove with Tooheys Extra Dry- Sounds like a decent's nice to see beer advertising that doesn't involve T&A.

Check out this years D&AD winners here.

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