Thursday, June 26, 2003

Candy, Candy, Candy I can't let you go....

Advertising undressed- "But simply saying that sex sells is like saying water is wet. That was the jump-off point for "XXX: The Power of Sex in Contemporary Design" (Rockport Publishers, $50, 192 pages), the first book written and designed by Plazm. The Portland-based Plazm Media has been doing innovative work since 1991, producing an art and culture magazine, operating a type foundry and working with such clients as MTV, Nike and Lucasfilm. Dougher, who discussed the book via e-mail while traveling, said she hoped to shed some light on how certain images get recycled over and over. "Sex sells stuff, but when it is used in graphic materials it also sells ideas about culture," that is, that the bodies of people of color are somehow more exotic than the white body, or that the woman with large breasts is the most attractive woman. "These are boring and staid points," Dougher wrote, "but they are constantly recycled." Sounds like it might be an interesting read.

TV Candy Store- site for reels for production houses and the sort. Some funky stuff to see.

Who Killed the Idea movie from Cannes. Apparently it's only viewable for those *not* in Northern America. Bugger.

The Lonely Astronaut - You'll need Flash for them to play and you'll either love it or hate it - so far there's been no middle ground here at the office. The description from - "If NASA left you on the moon 30 years ago, wouldn't you be pissed?"
Episode 1 - Pilot
Episode 2- Flashback
Episode 3 - Sexual Harassment
Episode 4 - A Typical Day
Episode 5 - The Rescue
Episode 6 - Lunar Rover
Episode 7 - The TV Show

Pie satisying. I just wish it was a bit messier. The suits seem too clean after you hit them. ;-) (Via dabitch)

Bagger's don't bag - A Sainsbury's advertisement has been banned for misleading customers into thinking they no longer had to pack their own shopping. I never understood that whole concept. If there are baggers in the store, then they should be doing their job. They're not called baggers for nothing.

Automatic Flatterer- I feel so loved.
(via L.Burns-

New posting to the IPA website: "The IPA is baffled by reports of allegedly imminent advertising ban on ‘stereotyping’
The IPA today, 24th June 2003, is baffled by reports in the national press that the EU is ‘in the final stages of preparation’ of a law to ban sex discrimination and stereotyping in advertising and media as part of an ambitious piece of European Union social legislation proposed by the EU Social Affairs Commissioner, Anna Diamantopoulou.
Given the implications for the advertising and marketing communications industry, if such a law were to be implemented, the IPA, as the trade body and professional institute for leading agencies in the UK’s advertising, media and marketing communications industry, is puzzled that neither itself nor the Advertising Association (the federation of trade bodies representing the advertising and promotional marketing industries) have been consulted.
Further, the industry ! is already regulated by the CAP Code and ITC Code that effectively uphold public decency and good taste within the print and broadcast media. Says Marina Palomba, IPA Legal Director: “This proposal is in its earliest stage and I do not believe it will progress without substantial amendment and consultation.”
The IPA will be working with the AA who lobby on behalf of the industry on this issue." This will be interesting to see how it unfolds...

Ice Cream in Bed- Ad banned for being too sexy and the product not being relevant to the images shown.

New ads specifically target gay audience- " It is the first-ever customized commercial meant to speak directly to a gay audience alone, and it will air on gay-themed programs on Bravo Network and BBC America this month through the summer. It will appear on BBC's "So Graham Norton," a racy talk show with a gay host, and "Absolutely Fabulous," as well as two new Bravo shows, dating program "Boy Meets Boy" and fashion makeover show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."
"I'm trying to show Orbitz is a gay-friendly company, not just bring traffic to our site," says Jeff Marsh, the Chicago-based travel company's openly gay director of marketing strategy and promotions. "The genesis of this ad idea came when I read the storyboards -- it was immediately apparent I could put a gay twist on it and make a gay ad."
I have to say, bravo. It's nice to see a main stream service not be afraid to target a group that contains some of their best customers.

Strengthening the bonds between Americans and their military- "Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness David S.C. Chu today announced the launch of a new advertising campaign designed to strengthen the personal bond between adult Americans and their military. The campaign links the values learned through military service to success in life. The overarching goal of the initiative is to encourage adults to be more inclined to advocate military service to the young people in their lives." This sort of bothers me. Can't the government spend it's money on other issues that are more the economy and the like?

Planet Swank- some good stuff here.

(From Monday)This morning I caught an ad by Philip Morris which basically was them saying that "yes smoking kills". I think it's some what surprising that a company which is attempting to make a profit on something so harmful would go through with an ad so straight forward about the negatives. Has anyone else seen this?
I think this is the ad here but I can't get it to play on the computer I'm on today so I can't be sure...
"Philip Morris USA, as part of its ongoing efforts to communicate about tobacco issues, will begin airing the first in a series of television ads on Monday, June 23. The ad features information from the health issues section of their Web site, a section which includes information from public health officials and links to their sites. The ad encourages people to visit their Web site for more information."- from the site

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