Thursday, July 31, 2003

Argh Blogger ate my post Attempt #2
Thursday Threesome ::Three Dog Night::
Onesome: Three- Lucky happenings are supposed to come in threes... What else comes in triplets and trios in your experience? I've never heard of good/lucky things in threes...only bad things.
Twosome: Dog- Dogs and cats... Got a preference? ...and how about pedigree vs pound puppies/kittens? What do you think? I like them both but prefer cats...more cuddly and thier independant attitude is great. I'm not really one for pedigrees. Besides the "saving animals at the pound", pedigrees often have more medical issues from inbreeding, etc.
Threesome: Night- Hey, do you ever do a Sports Night and head out to watch a local team/event? What draws you out? Is it baseball, football, hockey, racing, lacrosse? Once in a while but it's not what I'd prefer to spend my money on.

Thursday Thumb-Twiddler
1. How much more income would you need to significantly affect your day-to-day life? At the moment, even a few dollars more an hour would be sweet.
2. At what point would you (did you) no longer feel responsible to pay for something your child did, e.g., vandalism? I think it's an age thing, and seriousness of the crime. I'm not sure but I think that kids need to see there are consequences to their actions at a rather early age.
3. If you could go back in time and avert any tragedy in American history, what one would you choose? Just, slavery.

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