Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Dancing in the rain
From Fortune Cookies to Tokitos- expanding food advertising to include the Hispanic market. Hmmm. I dunno about this idea.

Bad advertising/marketing idea taken to the cemetary- Actually, taken out of the cemetary..."The prominently displayed signs at Alderwoods Group Inc. cemeteries in Everett, Lake Forest Park and more than 200 other resting places across the country advertised a "Celebrate Life Sweepstakes," a series of seven random drawings offering one $25,000 prize and six $2,000 prizes. Entrants can sign up for free at company cemeteries and funeral homes, including Acacia Memorial Park in Lake Forest Park, Evergreen Cemetery in Everett and Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home in Marysville; no purchase necessary, the advertising stated."
Seems like it was a very odd idea to begin with. "Visit your loved one and sign up for our sweepstakes!" Tsk.

New campaign might be a pain in the butt- "Though TOTO entered the U.S. market in 1989 to sell its water-conserving toilets, it's just now beginning to aggressively market this next generation of super-loos. Within the next two months, the company plans to roll out an unprecedented national campaign of print and television advertising -- including an infomercial -- to enlighten Americans on toilet hygiene."
It will be interesting to see what these campaigns are like, which direction they choose to go in.

Hollywood fights back against movie piracy. No it's not the piracy you'd think- no Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook or anything like that. It's a new effort to combat what is not a major issue yet, before the movie industry has a situation on their hands like the music industry did/does with file sharing online. "The 30-second television advert will have its first run Thursday night on all the main TV networks. The first of several trailers will begin running Friday in most major cinema chains around the US. The first trailer features David Goldstein, a set painter who says that piracy hurts him more than film industry executives. Each ad ends with the tag line: "Movies. They're worth it." The campaign will also include a website that outlines the implications of illegal downloading as well as the legal and practical consequences. "Taking something that doesn't belong to you is wrong," said Jack Valenti, president of the MPAA."

Found more neato ascii movies. I like the Bart Simpson one best I think, although Breakdance is cool too.

Think you have an ugly couch? Compare it here at the Ugly Couch contest.

Have you ever wanted to walk the Great Wall of China? Do it from the comfort of your chair/couch/home/office.

Find the perfect cliche! hehehe.

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