Monday, July 07, 2003

Little Green Bag

Heinz is concerned their tagline, created by Y&R in 1967 is no longer relevant to British families. So, they are considering a change. "Rather than making the decision behind closed doors and with carefully selected focus groups, the company is running a contest in coming weeks in which people can decide whether they want to "Save Our Slogan" or "Vote For Change". The company will be re-running some of its classic beans TV commercials from next week."

"News Corp.'s Twentieth Television this week begins testing a reality TV show on 25 of its Fox-owned stations based on the popular Web site. Classmates, along with next year's launch of eBayTV, represents a new breed of syndicated TV programs seeking a promotional lift from strong Internet brands. Classmates will extend the franchise of, a site where school friends, lovers, prospective lovers and even enemies look to reacquaint themselves."
I thought we were going to be seeing the end of the "reality" tv shows...*sigh* And eBayTV?? Oy vey.

Maybe sex doesn't sell beer after all.

Pissin' in the great outdoors for profit.

Oh geez. So I clicked on a link to read about the Kobe deal and on this page was an advert for viagra. Tsk Tsk. Talk about bad placement.

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