Thursday, July 24, 2003

On the down low...too slow
Consumers find Diet Coke ads flat- "And behind regular Diet Coke are ads that show cavorting Diet Coke drinkers who "canoodle" and "nuzzle" their way around a room as they sip Diet Coke. The message:'Do what feels good.' The campaign behind the low-calorie bubbly brand had little fizz, however, for consumers surveyed by Ad Track, USA TODAY's weekly exclusive consumer poll. Only 8% like the "canoodle" Diet Coke ads "a lot," vs. a 22% average score for all ads surveyed by Ad Track this year. And 19% disliked the work, vs. a 13% average. Castell says the results may reflect that the campaign aimed predominantly at current Diet Coke fans. They represent about 80% of the brand's business. The approach is evident in the ads, which show a mix of fit-looking men and women, many of whom are north, not south, of age 30."

Advertising shtick from the 70s works for Old Navy - "'The decade had such a strong hold on our psyche because it covered so much territory and was so revolutionary,' says Irma Zandl, president of trend-watching and marketing firm The Zandl Group. Even those too young to have experienced the decade firsthand have been soaking it up with help from popular reruns on Nick at Nite and Fox's That '70s Show."

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