Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Tequila lift me up where I belong...
BA has to shelve multimillion-pound ad campaign due to union strikes. "Newspaper advertising has also been cancelled at the last minute. In its place, BA will publish a letter from its chief executive, Rod Eddington, apologising to passengers for the chaos caused by the strike."

Kohl's slow to comply with ad laws- It's hard to believe that this company is breaking the law and yet no one seems to be actively doing a thing about it. Or as quoted in the article..."'I don't know which is more troubling,'' Dworsky said. ''On one hand, you have an otherwise well-respected retailer which appears to continue to flout the law and mislead the public as to the actual savings they offer. On the other hand, you have an attorney general's office that seems to have let them get away with it. Either way, the consumer loses.' "

Apparently the economy is recovering but, "the question is: When will jobs come back? The last recession ended in March 1991 and ad spending turned up in 1992, but advertising employment didn't surpass pre-recession levels until November 1994. Given the weak overall job market, it's hard to envision a real upturn in advertising jobs in this recovery. More problematic, a recovery without jobs has the potential to slip back into recession."

Typefaces Helvetica and Ariel duke it out. (via dab)

A federal judge in San Francisco has acted appropriately in dismissing the absurd lawsuit filed by R.J. Reynolds (RJR) and Lorillard Tobacco Companies in their effort to silence California's highly successful tobacco prevention program. The two tobacco companies alleged that California's anti-smoking advertisements, which tell the truth about the tobacco industry's harmful practices and products, "vilify" them and violate their constitutional rights. The judge rightly found no merit to the charges."

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