Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Well what'da ya know...

Seems Al Roker has a blog of sorts. Some how this amuses me. Then again I'm easily amused too. Did you know he did cartoons? He even has an ad related entry about the advertising in fortune cookies (mentioned here before- yes I *am* too lazy to look up the around and I'm sure you'll find it.)

For all those who have been coming here for the Toohey's's a link to where you can watch it

Sweet. A new Sting album is being released this summer. Listen to the new single at his site.

Can't Live Without It is the new tagline for Dasani Water...owned by Coca Cola Co. The New York Times reports that "in one Dasani commercial, a man and woman frolic in an elevator as a security camera captures the action, but they turn out to be husband and wife. In another spot, a woman spends a night out on the town with an extremely attractive man, then heads home where she gets undressed and jumps into bed — with her teddy bear." The goal is to borrow the trappings of the emotionally evocative lifestyle advertising used typically in soft-drink campaigns, rather than the more rational tack traditionally taken to sell bottled water, which focuses on product benefits like purity and refreshment. "People may not immediately say, `That's water advertising,' because there are no spas, babbling brooks or yoga," said Kellam Mattie, senior brand manager for Dasani at the Coca-Cola North American division in Atlanta. "But they'll come to say, `This is what water advertising can be.' "

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