Friday, August 08, 2003

In a meme minute
Weekly Wrap-Up#66 - Disney Movies
1. What was the first Disney movie you remember seeing? How did you like it? I think it was either Snow White or The Fox and The Hound. I'm not sure though. I remember being in the movie theatre watching them. I think I liked them both, except for the sad and scary parts.
2. What was your favorite Disney movie as a child? Why? a kid, probably Cinderella. Why I'm not quite sure but she got to play with cute animals and her wishes came true, so for a kid that's rather attractive.
3. What is your favorite Disney movie now? Why? Sleeping Beauty. I love that movie and I really can't say why. The story is just well done I guess. And I think it has one of the better looking storybook princes ;-)
4. What Disney character(s) do you most identify with? Why? This is a toughy. I really don't know. A lot of them are either too goody-goody or evil. I can't think of one that's more in the middle.
5. Describe your ideas for the next Disney movie (animated or live-action). I'd rather not. I wouldn't want anyone stealing my big ideas ;-) (kidding.)

3 for Thursday
1. What are the 3 driving laws you see broken most often? Not using signals, not stopping or yielding at designated areas, and speeding.
2. What are 3 things that drive you nuts about other drivers? Few around here turn on their head lights when it's downpouring or grey out. Just because it's not nighttime, doesn't mean people can see you! Not following marked signage. There's a few places where I drive regularly where no one coming into the roundabout (roadary) yields like they are supposed to! Another example is a one way street where there are two lanes for turning either left or right and there are too many morons who make a right from the left turn lane, often just barely escaping from an accident. And of course when you honk at them for being fuckwits, they get pissed off at you. Huh? Whateveer...if you can't tell a left arrow from a right arrow you shouldn't have a license! And thirdly, um, people who get pissed off when they are in the wrong...either wrong marked lane, nearly driving into you, etc.
3. What are 3 things you do while driving that you shouldn’t – or if you’re a perfect driver, what are 3 things you think others shouldn’t be doing while driving? Um, I tend to be rather dilligent on the road, for the most part. I guess looking at the passenger while speaking, paying more attention to the cell phone, etc than the road, and reading shouldn't be done.
Bonus: Have you ever experienced or seen a bad case of road rage? Yeah. *shudder*

Thursday Threesome::Two Day Sale::
Onesome: Two- Hey, we did 'threes' last week; let's try 'twos' this week. When you think of pairs, what comes to mind? Shoes.
Twosome: Day- Which day of the week do you live for? Is it getting back to work on Monday (right!) or maybe Friday, so you're gone! One of the weekend days? Which day works for you? Saturdays or Sundays...since I usually get to sleep in one of those days. :)
Threesome: Sale- Are you one of those people who will wait until something is on sale before you buy it? ...even if it's like forever? ...or do you just haul on down to the store whenever the urge hits? Hmmm? Planner, immediate or impulse? What type of buyer are you? Depends on my cash flow. Lately I've been a sale stalker. But if I need it, I'll buy it there and then.

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