Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Salacious Sayings
Pepsi rolls out Vanilla Pepsi- "Starting Saturday, Pepsi-Cola North America and its bottling partners will begin distributing Pepsi Vanilla, the company announced yesterday. The company is rolling out bottles and cans of both regular and Diet Pepsi Vanilla simultaneously into supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchandise outlets, convenience-and-gas stores and vending machines. Pepsi said aggressive introductory marketing support will begin in coming weeks and will include national television advertising, radio, Internet and outdoor advertising, sampling and point-of-purchase materials." Now that's all fine and dandy, although I really didn't like Vanilla Coke (maybe this will better), I wish Pepsi would do diet versions of their Pepsi Blue and Cherry Pepsi. Annoying that this oen gets rolled out with diet too.

How do you break through the clutter of a client's industry? Simple - Disruption. What is disruption? It's where you determine the conventions of an industry then deliberately break them. It's a great idea, and it should be done at all agencies for every client, IMHO.

Hahahahaha! "Multi-million dollar advertisements for flop flick Gigli are being pulled by disappointed studio Sony Pictures. The Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck starring movie has been a complete box office disaster and Sony has replaced the pre-booked TV ad slots with teasers for its more successful film Bad Boys II. One TV executive confides, "They're making every effort to pull advertising." Cinema chains are obliged to show Gigli for the next two weeks, but have already relegated to it to the smallest screens at the multiplexes." Yay!

Advertising on my fruit is odd. But being "in the biz" I do tend to check out the sites they are advertising. This time my pear had an ad for a farm in California. Only thing is "gotfruit" is a bit of a cop-out. Get a little more creative there guys.

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