Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Brain farts
Lileks is full of lots of interesting things to stare at. Old adverts, gallery of regrettable food, and much more. Don't be a fool- check it out.

Espresso Stories are "short enough to fit into the time it takes to slurp that bitter little cup, as you ponder on how even the briefest experiences can make life more meaningful." Stories of 25 words or less. Signup and write your own!

Java jig
Espresso and Donuts- "As Dunkin' Donuts expands its product line to include espresso beverages, long the province of Starbucks and other high-end outlets that emphasize ambience and attitude, the Randolph doughnut and coffee chain is banking on speed, efficiency, and lower prices. Dunkin' Donuts's new process is "lots of preprogrammed button-pushing, and not a whole lot of eyeballing," said Brian Dudley, the Dunkin' Donuts executive in charge of product development. "We can't afford that kind of subjectivity." "
Hmmm. Going after the Starbuck's crowd. I wonder if it'll work. Only time will tell.

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