Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Chocolate, toothpaste, and jam

This article poses the question to whether advertising will need to change agency structure in order to meet the demand of clients wanting more communications solutions.

"Hershey Foods will spend upward of $30 million in advertising early next year to support the launch of several extensions of its core brands, including Swoops, a chip-like version of top candy bars, and to introduce Hershey's S'mores."

Emeril and toothpaste-Crest announced Monday that Emeril Lagasse, renowned chef and restaurateur, will be featured in a new TV campaign that will launch Crest Whitening Expressions, a line of uniquely flavored whitening toothpastes. The advertising will debut this month. "Emeril Lagasse's flavor philosophy is the same as that behind Crest Whitening Expressions,'' says Diane Dietz, North America marketing director. "We created this line of flavored toothpastes to enhance and personalize the brushing experience, because, just like Emeril does with food, we want to transform an everyday routine into something extraordinary."
All I can say in light of this news is NO! No no no no no! Enough of that man. Enough. Just enough.

Seattle PI does a reader's poll on best/worst ads and the winner is AFLAC...although there were more worst ads submitted than best. Does it reflect the state of creativity in ads? Probably.

Smuckers gets sued for false claims because "some, if not all of Smuckers' "Simply 100 Percent Fruit" products actually contain less than 50 percent fruit." A quote from the article: "Courtney Harrison, a UW senior and loyal Smuckers consumer, said she thinks the lawsuit is a waste of Loeb's time. "Maybe it is false advertising, but it's not like it is endangering his health in any way. If you want 100 percent fruit, go out and pick some strawberries and put them on your toast," she said. Harrison also said consumers should be able to see through advertising claims. "Maybe they shouldn't have claimed it, but what are they going to say? '69 percent fruit, 31 percent corn syrup -- come buy my jam'? I don't think it is that bad," she said. heheh.

The US$20 bill will be getting a new look. For the first time since 1905, US currency will use peach and blue in its design. WPP Group's public relations agency Burson-Marsteller, which is spearheading a global integrated campaign for the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Bureau of Engravings, has tapped Omnicom Group's Davie-Brown Entertainment and talent titan William Morris Agency to help market the new money. The bills will begin distribution through commercial banks Oct. 9. "The Wheel of Fortune has been showcasing the new money all week as part of its Big Money Week," said Mark Owens, executive vice president at Davie-Brown. The bill was also shown Sept. 14 as part of Pepsi Play for a Billion on the WB Network.Wal-Mart Stores and Pepperidge Farm are also assisting with the marketing efforts, Ms. Brauer said. Wal-Mart plans to produce a public service announcement to air on its in-house satellite TV network. Pepperidge Farm is adapting 3 million Goldfish packages to promote the new bills.The tagline reflects the key reason for introducing the colorized currency: "Safer, Smarter & More Secure." Click to see it.

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