Sunday, October 19, 2003

Getting through the shiznit.

Been so busy lately...I haven't had time to even put in *one* entry for this. Sorry to those of you who check it regularly. But, life does have a way of interfering with fun online stuff. ;o)

Ministry of Anti-Bordom is a fun little thing. Check it out. (thanks dab.)

WK, also known as Wieden + Kennedy, has started a school for adgrunts. Click on 12.

An article from the WSJ discusses the fact that even though there is a decline in ad spending, ad folk are being laid off, and the general stability of jobs in the biz are at an all time low, the advertising schools are seeing record numbers in their applications/admissions. Crazy shit.

Girl Scouts keep it hip.

And as always, there's oodles of good stuff on ad rag. :D

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