Friday, October 03, 2003

Political ranting and raving

Reading the newspaper I found two things that made me mad.
First off, the Metro reports that there are telemarketing executives who have registered on the Do-Not-Call list. And yet, they are having their lawyers push the case that they should be able to call whoever they want. Um, no. No NO NO. According to the article, one claimed he was testing the system. "Others admitted they signed up because they did not want to be called by telemarketers at home. Jasvant D. Mahadevia, a retired DMA senior vice president was quoted as saying, "There are so many calls I don't want. They are disturbing my routine." Shame on you. You are the same folk who are fighting to keep said list from being considered legal. Now of course I do sympathize with those who could lose their jobs because of such a list. And I don't think that is right. But neither is calling people who don't want to be disturbed. The article aslo stated that 11 of the top executives of the Direct Marketing Association appear on the list, according to the Hartford Courant.

Another thing that gets my knickers in a twist is the fact that the House approved a "partial birth" abortion ban. Damn twits. It's my fucking body and if you think you can tell me or any other woman what to do with it you're nutters. Honestly. On top of it, this new "ban" does not allow for medical reasons, at least not currently. Medical or not, I do not want some Republicans telling me what the heck to do. Women already have higher costs for things in the medical realm as it is. From menstration needs (like tampons, etc) to birth control pills, women bare the majority of expense when it comes to reproduction or the prevention of pregnancy. The governemnt makes women pay taxes on tampons, pads, and anything to do with menstration. It's bad enough we have to deal with the pain of menstration, child birth and more, but we are also expected to pay taxes on said items every month as well. Excuse me? No no. The government keeps giving out money to research issues like impotence and yet women are given a screw job by the government at the same time by passing laws such as this. The only reason for such things is that the Church is sticking its face where it doesn't belong. The reason the government considers things such as abortions murder is because the church says so. Well, isn't there supposed to be this thing called the separation of church and state? Which means that no matter what the Church views on issues, it is up to the state to make a decision, based on whether or not it is helpful to it's citizens, who, put those decision makers in their seats of power. The Church has too much involvement in politics as far as I am concerned. This nation is a one of many religions and cultures. It should be reflected in the goverment, which it is not. Why when people go to court do they have to swear on a bible? There's something wrong with that. There are many other religions in this world besides that of Christianity. And in regards to the abortion issue, if this does indeed get past the Senate, all it is going to do is cause more dangerous operations by people who will take matters into their own hands. Like it or not, people will perform abortions. It has been going on for centuries. Weither it be taking certain herbs or sticking a wire hanger inside the womb, women have found ways to abort unwanted pregnancies. And some ruling by a majority of Republicans will not stop that.

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