Wednesday, October 29, 2003

That time of year

The time of goblins, witches, and intrails is upon us. Among many of the seasonal activities, at the top of the list, for me anyway, is pumpkin carving.
Extreme Pumpkins has some interesting ideas, tips, and prefers the use of power tools to kitchen knives and those pumpkin carving kits you can get at the dollar store. They even have a pumpkin carving contest too. (via Very Big Blog)
Get the lowdown on everything pumpkin at
Pumpkin carving 101 has tips for your pumpkin art.
Spookmaster has some funky printable stencils to use as a pattern for your carving.

Here are some links to the history of Halloween (Samhain (sow-en), the Celtic New year) and Dias de los Muertos (Days of the Dead):
History and Customs of Halloween
The history of Halloween
Halloween Myths, Monsters and Devils
Day of the Dead
Dia de los Muertos
History of Dias de los Muetros
The Great Pumpkin- the history of Jack O'Lanterns and pumpkin facts.
Pumpkin Carving history
Halloween History

And some other fun links:
Malloween Mixup Flash Game
Halloween fonts
How Glow Sticks work (found at
Got any great Halloween links? Click on "sip from the cup" and leave it in the comments. :)

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