Monday, November 03, 2003

Monday ad stuffs

Chefs pose nude with their favorite blender. "...asked by Vita-Mix to help convey just how awesome the Vita-Prep blender is, I knew that the best way was for one chef to look another in the eye and say "this is the blender you want." I wanted an ad that would grab your attention and make you say "man, these chefs really do love their blender." I called Jean-Louis and told him I wanted him to do a full page ad in Food Arts for the Vita-Prep. "But," I told him, "you'll have to be completely naked." "When do you want me there?" he said.
Some 40 famous chefs have since appeared in the ads. It has, as you know, become the most talked about campaign in our industry. And, I think it says something about the passion we all have for what we do. To thank Jean-Louis for being so talented, supportive, and passionate about his profession, Vita-Mix is donating proceeds from this calendar to the Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation."
Vita-Mix has a gallery of ads on their site as well, although not all of them are of this campaign.
Seems dangerous ;)

Classic Web Design Client Quotes which were posted originally back in 2000. Sadly I'm sure they still apply. (hat tip to Clay)

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