Monday, November 24, 2003

Morning ad shizzle

Dion- the Diva who can't sell cars- From the Adage article: "One year after signing a three-year contract with Dion for a reported $14 million, Chrysler is all but pulling the plug on the French-Canadian chanteuse. The advertising campaign that featured more Dion than cars has been a disaster for Chrysler. Dealers complain that the branding campaign did more to sell the singer than it did the new Pacifica. It is not as though Chrysler wasn't warned. Sources say Chrysler's ad agency, BBDO of Troy, Mich., discouraged its client from using the singer for its commercials. Still, the campaign went ahead despite test numbers showing that Dion appealed to a much older audience than Chrysler wanted." Yeah. Trying to use Dion to market to a young audience was stupid. And since even the agency attempted to stop this celeb disaster, all the blame can fall on the guy who pushed them to use her. Plus, why do you need a celeb to push a new product? There's an overuse of celebs in advertising and most of the time, the product or service has nothing to do with them. It's a blatant excuse for the client, agency, or creatives to work with someone they admire, get a hard on for, or whatever. Rarely is it to use them effectively as a spokesperson for the brand, product, or service. It could be because I'm "in" the ad biz and I see through a lot of the gimmicks and games and the sort, but if the consumer doesn't give a rats ass about the celeb, or see a connection to what is being sold, it's not going to be effective. No matter what your research tells you.

Y&R EMEA Ads of the Month- Some cool stuff from Y&R agencies around the world. It also includes a nice archive too.

Tech clothing includes shirts that can track what you purchased and pants that could lead to intrusive advertising.

Gay marriage advocates launch PSA TV ad campaign in Canada. The concept is promoting tolerance as same-sex couples cope with daily life, just like "mixed" sex couples.

Check out the Dentsu Advertising Museum here.

Seasons greetings (pie) ad and other viral fun. (ty dab!)

Recycling ads for profit. Yeah, this was done before. It's not new. But where is Admine now? Sure it worked for a while but retro-fitting ads doesn't usually work. And if a client has a budget of 5K, how are they going to afford to pay for the media costs of TV? Just another way to screw the creatives out of getting work and being able to make a living doing what they do. Because I don't endorse what this guy is doing, I'm not mentioning his name or the company name. If you want that info, follow the link. The economy for creatives is bad enough right now, and doing this kind of thing, in this kind of economy, is just perpetuating it. (ty Clay for the link.)

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