Saturday, January 17, 2004

PayPal the Censor

Update on Adland and poopy PP. Adland finally received a reply as to why the account was frozen.
'Your website contains material that violates P*yPal's Acceptable Use Policy. For example: You will either need to remove the material that violates our policy or remove P*yPal from your website.
The image of Sophie Dahl in the nude, posing for Tom Fords Opium advert in the year 2000 - has been removed. The article was posted April 24, 2001. We've been using that internet pay service since Oct. 17, 2001 and have been a Verified member since somewhere around November of that year. We've also removed all references to that internet-money-company "bestow-bro" as being our payment place.
WTF? That ad ran in in the US and Europe in print as well as outdoor. It is an artsy photograph of a model from 2000 for Opium perfume. This is just crazy. Plus, they say "such as"...does that mean there are other ads on the site that are deemed "offensive" by these moral judges? Adland is not an adult content site. It is not obscene. It is a resource of advertising for students, adgrunts, and many others. In the comments for this post is the list what PP considers "adult" material, none of which the ad falls into. Wanna see the four-year-old ad that made such a stink? Go here.
*UPDATE: PAYPAL are HYPOCRITES! Other sites using them have the same image up! See here and here for examples.

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