Tuesday, January 06, 2004

What the world needs now...

Dab found this wonderful little cartoon about the confusion people seem to have with it's and its.

Dashboard advertising- "For marketers, it may finally be paradise by the dashboard light. Big radio companies like Clear Channel Communications and Infinity Broadcasting are equipping some of their stations with technology that broadcasts not just commercials but text messages that appear on car radio displays. And advertisers like First Charter Bank in Charlotte, N.C., which will use the approach in a campaign beginning this month, are signing on to see whether extra text can give their radio advertisements extra heft. The technology — called RDS, radio data system — has long been common in Europe and available in the United States, where it is gaining as cars increasingly come ready for the technology and radio stations compete ever more fiercely for ad revenue against satellite radio and other media."

Sometimes "I don't know" is the best answer -"The scenario is familiar to many: a client asks a question of his or her account manager, and that question happens to exceed the bounds of knowledge of that marketing expert. The marketer can choose to take several paths, each leading to different results. One solution is to pretend that you know everything. Never let them see you sweat, as the saying goes. These marketers simply pretend that they know the answer and find a way to dance around it, and their infallibility remains intact—or so they think. Eventually they’ll figure out a reasonable answer and give it to their client. These marketing types are all too familiar. You won’t find them at any educational seminars or workshops, because they believe that they already know everything there is to know. You’ll also find them—after their client has taken and implemented their erroneous advice—looking for more dance moves to avoid responsibility for their bad counsel."

"PETA debuted a controversial billboard in the Knoxville market Monday along Interstate 40 West near the Strawberry Plains Pike exit. The ad, which shows a semi-nude, overweight man with breasts and the slogan "Dude Looks Like a Lady. Lose the Boobs - Go Vegetarian," was rejected by two Knoxville advertising companies before being displayed by Douglas Outdoor Advertising." Enough already. Argh.

Real Men of Genius campaign goes to CDs- "Anheuser-Busch didn't become the beer giant it is today by simply selling a lot of beer. The St. Louis-based brewery also knows a thing or two about merchandising. Why else would the company go to all the trouble of preparing and distributing a CD collection of radio spots for the popular Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" campaign from DDB/Chicago? Yeah, Busch figured out there was money to be made in those catchy, exceedingly well-written spots for a campaign that became popular overseas and is now wowing 'em on the radio and on television in the United States. The just released CD includes a whopping 18 tracks, plus two unreleased bonus tracks for those "Real Men of Genius" fans who can't get enough of the wickedly genteel put-downs of some pretty wacky professions and what we might call rather weird pastimes."

"Snapple's changing its advertising campaign to reach the 18- to 24-year-old consumers. Previous commercials targeted those in their 30s and 40s. But the new campaign is supposed to reach a broad spectrum of demographics while continuing to appeal to the older Snapple fans. The new fruit sex ads are supposed to push the envelope and be more over the edge than the juice-drink's previous marketing efforts - A racier depiction of these ads with references to sex and jail. There will even be inter-mingling of the fruit to create the many combinations Snapple has to offer. The commercials feature J. Andy Anderson, Director of Fruit Relations, teaching "The Joy of Ripening." You hear his voice throughout the spot while seeing the fruits in their various puberty stages. "It's time we had 'The Talk.' At Snapple, when young fruits ripen, they may want to combine with other fruits. These urges are perfectly natural. So experiment. Explore. Even play the field. When fruits join together, it's a very special thing." The commercial closes with a shot of a banana and an apple in a very compromising position. The fruit-love spoofs will still retain the "Made from the best stuff on earth" tag. Cadbury Schweppes’ Snapple Beverage Group is so serious about this new advertising campaign that the company is investing as much as $33 million into it. Commercials will air on such cable outlets as MTV, ESPN and the Cartoon Network. You can also expect to see two new 30-second commercials and two 15-second spots."

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