Friday, April 02, 2004

April Showers

+ Molson- Chasing Beaver. Wow. I wonder where they got that to air. I like it though. Funny.

+ Master Cabbie- The Finger. Find out what you *really* learn at Cabbie school. ;)

+ Pot Noodle- It's Dirty and You Want It. An okay ad. Not super funny but, it's different.

+ Mullerice- Bird. This one is included because of it's strange, strange tag/strapline at the end. Double entendre anyone? ;-)

+ From the weekender:"A time restriction has been imposed on Autoglass' television campaign to encourage people to repair chips in their windscreens before they become unsafe, after viewers complained that it was "frightening" and "distressing" for children.
Created by HHCL/Red Cell, the ads showed a driver inspecting a small crack on his windscreen, but he shrugs it off and continues on his way into work. After he leaves his car the crack grows bigger, coming up through the floor and chasing him through his office and down the street until it catches up with him on a train and creeps up his body.
The £3 million drive was developed to demonstrate the importance of windscreen safety and dramatised the danger facing drivers who don't repair chipped glass before it needs replacing."
View the "scary" ad here.

+ Branson mimics Trump. "According to a report in The Times, the tycoon is to make the programme for Fox in the US. It has been dubbed 'Branson's Big Adventure' and will run for six weeks with contestants being set a series of challenges each week. They will follow Sir Richard around the world but one of the hopefuls will be left behind at the airport at the end of each episode.
Always with an eye to the chance of free publicity the show will help promote Virgin's airline and mobile telephone businesses in the US."

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