Thursday, April 08, 2004

Chicken shit

Check out the Subservient Chicken. Funky viral for Burger King.
Some things to try:
Flap, Hop, Jump, Roll, Hide, Beg, Moon, Sit, Scratch, monkey, read a book, watch tv, cry, laugh,turn off the lights,"mcdonalds", fly, burger king, whopper, "do the robot", "why did the chicken cross the road",  "what came first, chicken or the egg", fried chicken, baked chicken, play dead, look under the couch, smoke, "spank yourself", crispin, Cripsin Porter + Bogusky, hula hoop, hula, vomit, advertising, mosh, paint, hump, poker, michael jackson gets him to moonwalk, madonna make him vogue, tiger woods makes him play golf, propose, brush, party, kung fu, karate, kiss, tango, high five, "do the butt", shower, rap, and sword fight.
I typed in "president" and he did aerobics. Weird.
"Jazz hands" brings up the "may not be suitable for all audiences" text.

There's some more at Adland. (hat tip Clay.)

I'm sure this will get passed around. And it ties in nicely with the "have it your way" theme of the Burger King brand. I'm not sure that it will result in a jump in sales but it's fun. Which means it could be aimed more at the current customers rather than as an attempt to attract new customers.

Additional: Clay, that super duper adgrunt, found out that additional props for this go to The Barbarian Group and that there are over 400 different clips.
Two other commands to try are "built a fort" and "hump the couch."
If it's going to be a rainy weekend I might just try to find all of them ;D (Yipes I'm such a geek!)

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