Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Pour some sugar on me

+ "An ad in Vogue, showing a semi-naked couple who appeared to be having sex against a sink, for Tanner Krolle designer handbags has been rapped by the advertising watchdog, which said it was 'sexually provocative and gratuitous'.
In the press ad, a second woman, dressed in her underwear, touches her upper thigh while pointing a camera at the couple. The copy accompanying the ad said: 'Tanner Krolle London Bags To Covet'.
Tanner Krolle, the London fashion accessories brand, claimed that the couple were embraced in a clinch but could not be having sex because the man was wearing trousers. It said that the ad was part of a launch to revamp its brand to appear sexier and more edgy.
The designer firm maintained that sexy images of women, men and couples were common in magazine features and advertising." The ASA told Tanner Krolle not to repeat the ad. Because, well, we wouldn't want to offend those who couldn't tell the man was wearing trousers or who are so perverse that they see sex in everything, even if the people are clothed. Gah. Those readers the ASA say it might offend shouldn't be reading Vogue then, since it's all over the pages of that magazine.

+ New Zealand to clean up "raunch billboards" in Auckland. "From now on, the Outdoor Advertising Association will run any doubtful material of a sexual nature, including words of a double meaning, sexual innuendo or sexual connotation, past an adjudicator. A council officer will also be shown the material and liaise with the adjudicator, who will decide. The council or anyone else unhappy with the decision will be able to lay a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority." Hopefully they will continue to make smart choices as to what complaints get rejected like the billboard for the Family Planning Assocation from December, which showed three guys from the back with condoms in their back pockets and the headline "Three Wise Men", which offended christians. Why they'd be offended is stupid. It's a great ad and I'm glad that the ASA didn't uphold the complaints.

+ "A $2 million television commercial that spearheaded the largest beer launch in Australia in a decade has been pulled off the air after falling foul of the alcohol industry's own regulators. The ad for Carlton & United Breweries' Empire beer, which was shot in a castle in the Czech Republic and was one of the most expensive commercials in recent years, was pulled three weeks ago after a member of the public complained that it encouraged excessive alcohol consumption. The complaint hinged on the claim that the film, which shows digitally distorted images of lurching young partygoers, appeared to suggest they were under the influence of alcohol, and that it failed to make clear to viewers that the venue and party were fantasy, not reality." The ad by ad agency George Patterson Bates, was pulled after *one* complaint.
Interesting- as I was searching for the ad itself to post a link to view it, I came across this blog entry from 2002 at, which the idea was mentioned of replacing the floor fo your bar or club with a bouncy castle. I have yet to be able to find the ad. If you've come across it online, please post the link in the comments. Thanks :D

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