Saturday, May 29, 2004

Blurbs and 'Erbs

+ Update on the Miller vs. Bud story over at Adland. It's heating up. (yah, I'm being lazy, but hey it's Saturday, and we've got the ads to see there- so go visit.)

+ Targeting the aging consumer- "From travel to fitness, finance to cosmetics, cars to mobile phones, advertisers are tapping into the grey consumer market, and senior models are in hot demand.
"The grey consumer is getting stronger and stronger in Germany," said Höhs. "It is essential that this market is able to identify with models in TV and internet commercials. If they don't, then they will not buy. Or not as much as they could, as far as their spending capacity goes."" Definitely an interesting read. And it makes sense. If you've got an aging generation, especially baby boomers and the like, who don't see themselves as "old fuddy-duddys" then the advertising to them should reflect how they see themselves.

+ Coca-Cola, one of the official sponsors of the Euro 2004 tournament, have printed different labels for each of the 16 teams in the tournament.
So when a typo on Danish Coca-Cola bottles diminished what is considered in Sweden as one of its greatest sports feats, it had some Swedes seeing red – especially because the two Scandinavian nations play in Group C at the upcoming Euro 2004.
The culprit is a factual error on Euro 2004 commemorative labels on Coke bottles sold in Denmark, which claim Bulgaria won the bronze medal in the 1994 World Cup.
In Sweden, everyone knows it was the Swedes who finished third. The country beat Bulgaria 4-0 to claim the bronze.
"For us who live in Sweden, this is obviously a catastrophic error," said Magnus Nelin, spokesman for Coca-Cola's Swedish branch.
His Danish counterpart, Kenth Kaerhoeg, said the mistake was unintentional, and blamed it on the advertising agency in charge of printing the labels.
Hahahaha. Woopsie! I can't believe that no one noticed the mistake before it got printed. Hard to believe it was unintentional. But you never know.

+ Advertising washes up on the shore in a bottle. An interesting "new" way to advertise. Heh.

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