Thursday, June 17, 2004

Fly by posting

+ Interesting ads for Stella and spec ads from over at Adland.

+ The Motion Picture Association of America, which represents the major U.S. movie studios, said it has begun placing new ads in newspapers and magazines, and it plans to ramp up efforts to educate parents and kids in schools about copyright piracy.

+ Stan Richards of the Richards Group says "Stay independent". "I can't give an example where the work got better when an agency was sold," said Richards on Tuesday at the American Advertising Federation's conference in Dallas. "If we're going to be true to our mission of continuing to do better work, then selling an agency wouldn't be a step in that direction."
I've always wondered (well not always, but in recent years at least) how becoming part of a holding company effects ad agencies. During recent years many agencies have been bought out by the handful of large holding groups, and during those years it seems that fewer of the agencies have been putting out work as great as it was when they were independent.

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