Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hump Day Doldrums

+ Art Years has an interesting advertising section on their site.

+ Adforum's forum.

+ Aguilera does Skecher's campaign. More here at Adland.

+ Bud's Real Men Of Genius campaign is about to pass thier 100th radio spot.

+ Daydreaming takes over the new Diesel print advertising campaign, created by KesselsKramer."The agency has created 30 new print ads to promote Diesel's autumn/winter collection and used the images as briefs for 30 creatives to make short films, which are to be hosted on The advertising campaign will run globally in fashion and lifestyle titles, starting this week. Each of the images uses the idea that anything is possible in the world of daydreaming -- all the models are shown eyes closed and lost in their own worlds, often in surreal situations and positions. Taking up from this point, the short films also feature many surreal images, such as barking grandmothers, antique pornography and people who have animals living inside them."

+ Reason #1 to be careful when using stock photography. Yipes! Wonder if it lead to the Gateway account going into review. ;)

+ The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the keeper of the region's mass transit system, is exploring selling naming rights to its subway stations, bus lines, bridges and tunnels. "Perhaps the most obvious existing example of a corporate name on a subway station? Times Square, formerly Long Acre Square, renamed in honor of The New York Times a century ago after the company moved its headquarters there."

+ Red Sox's Damon poses for Puma in their latest ads."  Martin Bil, creative director at Renegade Marketing in New York, said the quiet way in which Damon does his own thing gives Puma a natural spokesman - distinctive, but not a real character. Bil, who also sports long hair and a beard, "but not the lantern jaw," views the Hello campaign as Puma's effort to "maintain that insider cool hipness without looking like (they're) trying to appeal to everyone all the time." "You have to be very careful when you grow a brand that started out (grassroots). It can very easily seem like you're selling out," he said. Other athletes tapped for the campaign were pro skateboarder Scott Bourne and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, neither of whom is that well-known. Said Puma's Barney Waters: "We don't necessarily look at the statistics as much as the personality of the athlete." "

+ Scot stereotypes in advertising.

+ Buglife, the organisation committed to the preservation of all invertebrates, has hired FCB London to create an integrated campaign to publicise its mission in preventing extinctions. "The campaign's direct element consists of three invoices from bugs. For example, one is from Worm & Son and invites the recipient to donate £25 to Buglife for ploughing the soil allowing penetration of air and water so that fruit and vegetables can grow...An ambient element of the campaign, which will be placed on London pavements, features speech bubbles declaring lines such as "Hello! I'm walking here! I'm walking here!" and "I'd like to see you carry your house around everywhere". There will also be similar street posters and stickers on sandwiches and disposable coffee cups. Real dead insects will be featured in the ambient campaign on posters. Above-the-line work includes a series of billboards, a radio campaign and a print ad featuring the strapline: "Please don't use this newspaper as a weapon.""

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