Monday, August 16, 2004

:: design :: Feast for the eyes

+ Design for Chunks. Check out the archives too.

+ The history and success of the Whiffle Ball- "Although the company doesn’t do major advertising — its only major media campaign was in the 1960s, when Ford endorsed the product in a TV commercial — the brand name has remained popular and in the public’s eye."

+ Design Times Square, "a project announced yesterday invites New Yorkers to pick their favorites among 39 significant examples of architecture and design in and around the Great White Way, as far north as 52nd St". Ballots are avaliable online at "Design Times Square mixes a lot of old with the new, acknowledging a racy history that goes back to such iconic constructions as the 1899 Republic Theater (now the New Victory), the clock tower Paramount Building, the Art Deco Cafe Edison and Sputnik-style Howard Johnson's, and the Depression-age Hollywood Theater, which became the Times Square Church ("Rent" is playing next door). In the future, though, each year's jury of design and architecture professionals will put only contemporary additions to the vote. Several of the most important visuals are underground, where murals by both Jacob Lawrence and Roy Lichtenstein decorate the subway station, or on the sides of buildings, such as Sol Lewitt's limestone installation at the Equitable Building and the patchwork colors of Arquitectonica's Westin Hotel."

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