Tuesday, September 21, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Boags update

+ Ok, so yesterday I posted a link to an article about some groups in Australia who got their knickers in a bunch over some visuals by Helmut Newton in the latest ads for Boags beer. Well, apparently, the image wasn't intended to be part of the ad campaign. "But the image, entitled "Man's Arm", was never intended for use in the brewer's latest public advertising campaign for its premium beer, he said. Mr. Adams said the album was produced to pay tribute to photographer Helmut Newton, who had provided photographs for the brewer's advertising campaigns since 1994." Mr. Newton died in a car accident in January 2004.
Also, if you want to see said image, head over here. Definitely classic Newton. For the older ads in the series, go to the Boags site.

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