Saturday, September 25, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Survivor (the band) vs. Survivor (the show)

+ Band loses Survivor trademark fight. Heck, I had no idea this was going on.
Frank M. Sullivan III, singer/songwriter with the band, claimed the series' use of the name hurt the band because it would take away from the millions of dollars in records and merchandise he sells each year. He also claimed the show benefits from the millions of dollars he said he spent on advertising.

Judges said they didn't see evidence of those claims.

The three-judge panel said the TV series has its own unique logo with the words "Outwit, Outplay and Outlast," which always surrounds the word "Survivor." They also said they think the average consumer knows the difference between the group and the TV show and wouldn't confuse the merchandise.
Gee, I dunno. Perhaps their sales might be hurt because they only had a handful of hits and that was a long time ago.

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