Thursday, September 23, 2004

:: sidetracks :: Entertain your brain

+ From the NYTimes - With a nod to vinyl, CDs take over the turntable. Very cool. If only I knew how to scratch :)

+ Agenda Inc reports that Louis Vuitton has created massive reproductions of their trademark suitcases- complete with all the detailing- as their temporary exterior for their new Paris store. Very cool indeed.

+ BoingBoing has a post about the "Gravity" lamp by Front. It reclines and "goes to sleep" when leave its presence. When you return, it "awakens, stands up, and turns on". Interactive furnishings? Neat-o. It does look rather sad when it's off. Makes me think of a wilted plant or something.

+ BBC Radio 4 is airing a new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio show. You can listen to it on the web. A repeat of the first episode airs tonight at 11pm, England time. Sweet! Douglas Adams is even one of the voices. (hat tip to Dab.)

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