Saturday, October 23, 2004

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+ Amado “June” Diokno Jr., former copywriter and now commercial director, talks about advertising in the Philippines.
He laments the fact that a lot of directors and copywriters remain anonymous, like much of their work.

“We should be getting royalties from ads that we made and that are still running until today,” he stresses.

He also observes that the advertising industry lacks originality, and is contented on being copycats. “It’s all noise and no content.”

+ Funky new outdoor brings mechanical billboards to Emirates. "The ingenious billboard was designed not just to reproduce the mini-suite and the movement of its sliding privacy doors, but also to convey the message of a whole new world of comfort and luxury opening up in the sky thanks to Emirates' efforts. The electrically-operated reinforced aluminium doors replicate the actual ones by opening and closing in slow motion, offering motorists a peek into the newest expression of Emirates' dedication to a sky-high quality travel experience." Definitely a nice use of the media.

+ A very interesting article on housework and the educated female."It proved even more advantageous to advertisers who baldly suggested that a woman was not a truly loving wife and mother if she didn't purchase certain household products. "Nothing says loving like something from the oven, and Pillsbury says it best," went one well-known slogan. Within Procter & Gamble, an advertising strategy that equated maternal affection with fluffy, fragrant towels was known as "the Downy guilt campaign.""

+ Lintas' media division Initiative Media headed by Lynn de Souza and BBC World recently released their annual survey on ad avoidance, the fourth of its kind survey undertaken by the two companies.
De Souza says, "Worldwide there is a lot of research that has been done by Lowe on ad avoidance and what was found that since ad avoidance was at its peak among people, advertising creatives should be outstanding so as to make a mark amongst the clutter. Taking a cue from there, we at Initiative Media, decided that its not always possible to make outstanding creatives. So to get out of the advertising fatigue, the answer lies in the way you use the medium and therefore it comes in the area of the media planner and buyer's area. So assuming that the creative is of a high quality, how can the media planner/buyer make sure that they can combat advertising fatigue."
The study also found that "media reach continues to be high, sponsorships have lost their identity,programme promotions are useful, innovation in advertising is appreciated, and interactivity is liked".

+ Mangia Media has served up more than 25 million ads on pizza boxes for clients including Verizon (VZ ), Time Warner's (TWX ) TBS channel, domestic giant Clorox (CLX ), Internet-service provider United Online (UNTD ), and beverage maker Snapple. With multimillion-dollar sales, the startup has been profitable since 2003. Cohen likes to boast that "we built a successful business in the worst advertising environment since the Great Depression." Business Week is slow in getting to this story- Adland had a post about this back in April.

+ In Australia, the "State Government has called for a crackdown on television advertising featuring graffiti. Linda Lavarch, who chaired the Government's graffiti taskforce in 2002-03, said some recent ads on TV used graffiti as a marketing tool. She accused corporations of being irresponsible and outrageous."

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