Saturday, October 02, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Busy over at Adland

+ Lots of new articles over at Adland:
+ Juan Valdez - coming to a coffee shop near you. As mentioned here in a prior post. Read the story at Adland for the whole scoop and ads.

+ Welcome to the neighborhood- Reebok's new campaign. Not bad. From the same agency that brought us "Terry Tate- Office Linebacker".

+ Can these ads really tempt Americans to SMS? What a bunch of crap ads. It's like some art director's wet dream photoshoot or something. Targeting teen boys is fine. But what do the ads have to do with SMS? Where's the tie in to the product? And as Dab points out- why not use real texting language? Thumbs down for this campaign.

+ Norweigan recycle company advertises in Urdu! Cool. Ads tie in nicely to the media and surrounding event.

+Hollywood Pitches In To Help Put Coca-Cola On The Come Back Trail. These folks first off are completely wrong in stating that an ad agency would never think of this idea. Secondly, the Americans they portray in the ads are a slim minority of the total population. They miss the point of Americana- if you want to tap into that, there's a better way this execution. Plus, the concept feels trite. Sure, it's not trying too hard to be cool- but it's trying too hard to be "american". Besides, as someone else had mentioned, what makes Coke more American than Pepsi? I'm not sure that's a strategic point to grasp on to. Beyond the typos this ad lacks a reason to drink Coke Classic. With all the low-carb, sugar free, carb free crazes going on, why would anyone drink regular Coke? Another thumbs down.

+Taste and Flavor vs. Freshness- Miller and Bud's latest campaigns. Loads of ads to view in this article. Miller's still attacking Bud, while Bud's moved on to embrace the freshness of their brew.

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