Monday, October 04, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Wnek & Irn-Bru

+ This week Mark Wnek talks about creativity in the UK.
London Adland can be a cold, parochial and relentlessly competitive place.

For those who stick with it and manage to thaw London Adland's stiff upper lips - like the brilliant former creative director of S&S in London, Aussie Dave Droga; now worldwide creative head for Saatchi parent Publicis - the world of creative management is their oyster.

They certainly won't have any competition on the global stage from English creatives, most of whom are too busy whingeing about the big logo to bother about the big picture.

+ Irn-Bru launched a new advertising campaign today- one of its biggests ever. "The Scotsman reports that "one features a policeman at a football match being led away by a group of streakers. The other shows a tramp and his dog being Hoovered up by a road sweeper. Both scenes are missed by an onlooker drinking a can of Irn-Bru." In addition, kilted skydivers decended on Glasgow and Edinburgh to land in Glasgow Green and Holyrood Park as a part of the PR stunts taking place. The Leith Agency has put this campaign together.

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