Monday, November 08, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Language ad and WK music

+ A fun little ad for Inlingua language schools. Found via

+ Weiden+Kennedy, London, is the advertising agency behind the television and radio campaign promoting Honda's new diesel engine featuring the tune 'Can hate be good? Can hate be something we don't hate?' featuring American author Garrison Keillor. The agency is figuring out what to do with the popularity of the tune and might possibly turn it into a record.
The quirky tune was composed for fun by one of the agency's own 'creatives', Michael Russoff, and the company's copyright agreement with him stipulates it can only be used to further the interests of its client, Honda.

Berry says that Honda has been inundated with questions about it. The ad agency has also received wide ranging responses, including a phone call from a drug rehabilitation centre which wanted to use the song's positive philosophy in therapy sessions. It has also been the subject of a spoof by DJ Christian O'Connell on the London radio station XFM.

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