Thursday, November 11, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Slogans and ad theft?

+ This article, "Super ad slogans, and super costs," takes a look at ad slogans. The overall gist of the piece is "keep it sweet and simple." Loads of great points are brought up, such as if you make your tagline/strapline/slogan obtuse and convoluded, you're just going to confuse the consumer. It happens all the time too- a slogan is embraced by the ad agency and company with everyone patting each other on the backs, and yet it really says nothing about them, their philosophies or have any meaning to the consumer. Which leaves them confused and more than ready to ignore your message. Everyone needs to constantly remember that consumers are the target. Not the employees. Not your stock holders. Tailor the message to them in plain simple words that actually have some kind of meaning or at least say something.

+ An ad pal over at texturl shares his thoughts on the new Eight O'Clock coffee campaign by Kaplan Thaler. But there's a twist too. A year and a half ago, spec work was created by him for this brand and now the new tagline being used by the company is the exact same one that he created. Not only that but the campaign concept is similar as well to the campaigns he created- except, as he points out- they don't deliver the same way his work does. Is this a case of thievery? Or just a case of brain sync? Either way, it's a case of a watered down, non-threatening concept- which isn't going to help them surprass Starbucks the way they'd like.

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