Friday, November 26, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Update to "So very pathetic"

+ UPDATE: On NetImpertative, they claim that the stunt first broke on but if you look at the post date of the entry, November 7th, that's so inaccurate too.

After getting their email, which prompted the post below, I emailed Asa to inform them of their error. The reply stated that they would make the appropriate edit. Funnily, or not so funnily, enough- the article has yet to be corrected. All this seems somewhat suspicious.

AdLand has a post titled "ASABAILEY Ogilvy stunt jumps the shark twice over" that is worth a read. Here's an excerpt:
So lets see, what have ASABAILEY acheived? They have probably pissed off what was a likely client in napping the Ogilvy name. Check. Annoyed the ad bloggers that posted about the stunt first by forgetting they did and spamming them to post more about it. Check. Become famous with a stunt that was, as MarketingVox pointed out, a gag that had been done before and better when Rob Manuel of nicked Price Waterhouse Cooper new name. Check! Looks like ASA will have to stick to announcing their gags on the paid-for-pages viral and ad blogs in the future, hot tip guys I hear Fark accepts paid-for-placements too.
It's beautiful!

Also worth reading is a Dabitch interview of Justin Kirby. Interesting little chat about the difference between viral and deception. Quite appropriate. ;-)

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