Wednesday, December 08, 2004

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+Fast Company article on the 6 myths of creativity.
...when people are doing work that they love and they're allowed to deeply engage in it -- and when the work itself is valued and recognized -- then creativity will flourish. Even in tough times.
Couldn't agree more.

+ Philips Electronics aims for simplicity in latest campaign.

+ MacPherson Men launches new campaign in the same style of the controversial MacPherson Intimates campaign. Photography by Max Doyle and concept by The Glue Society.
The flash photography style of the campaign coupled with the night time setting is designed to draw the viewer in and allow them a brief glimpse of a private moment. Each image shows a male caught unaware and engaged in some form of nocturnal activity, with some caught in more compromising positions than others. Consistently daring, the images have a real underground appeal.

+ "Virgin birth" contraceptive ad withdrawn in the UK. The ads were running on the Underground in London.

+ Texturl takes a look at the recent spoof ads for Bud vs Miller and NetZero vs AOL.

+ Russell Davies rants on creativity and ad agencies.
Business is crying out for creativity, for business partners who are different and interesting. Not like them. And the last 10 years of advertising industry thinking seems to have been about proving that we are just like them. We're just another big business. This seems counter-productive and short-sighted to me.
Yes, I agree. Ad agencies need to stop pandering so much to clients. Perhaps if clients saw the effect to the bottom line of brands that have recently taken a more creative approach instead of looking for safe and me-too solutions, just maybe they'd be more inclined to embrace creativity instead of seeing it as a dirty, blasphemous sort of thing.

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